Our English Classes


Our lessons for 5 to 12 year olds are divided into two different age groups and are focussed on creativity. They encourage the kids to learn about the English language as a cultural exchange and the lessons are a great way for children in Taltal and Monte Patria to also meet one another, regardless of background or school. We use the Waldford (Rudof Steiner) method, combining language with environmental, social and cultural education and always focus on the happiness of our students, rather than results. Contact us if you would like to find out the times of the classes.


Nuestras clases para niñ@s de entre 5 y 12 años, están divididas en dos diferentes grupos, y están enfocadas en la creatividad.  Nuestras clases animan a los niñ@s a aprender el idioma inglés como un intercambio cultural además de ser una gran vía para los niñ@s de Taltal y Monte Patria conozcan otros niñ@s, sin importer su origen o escuela.  Usamos metodología Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner), combinado el idioma con el medio ambiente, educación cultural y social y siempre enfocados en la Felicidad de nuestros niñ@s más que los resultados.  Contáctanos si te gustaría saber nuestros horarios de clases.


In addition to learning English in school, we appreciate that more time is needed to fully develop the language. At EFTG, we believe that our youth are our future thus it is our goal to help the teens of Taltal and Monte Patria achieve a fluid and fluent level of English. We do this by running after school programmes. We use the Waldford (Rudof Steiner) method, combining language with an environmental, social and cultural experience to encourage our teens to be well rounded, engaged people; our students don’t come to our classes to be taught, they come to learn.


Además de aprendizaje de inglés en la escuela convencional, creemos que se necesita más tiempo para desarrollar plenamente el idioma Inglés.  En EFTG, creemos que nuestr@s jóvenes son nuestro futuro, por lo tanto nuestro objetivo es ayudar a l@s adolescentes de Taltal a lograr un inglés fluido.  Hacemos esto con nuestras clases.  Usamos metodología Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner), combinándo el idioma con una experiencia medioambiental, social y cultural, animándoles a estar bien preparados, ser personas comprometidas; nuestr@s estudiantes no vienen a que se les enseñe, vienen a aprender.


We understand that everyone has different schedules, so we offer classes Monday to Wednesday in the morning, 9:10am and evening classes at 7:00pm. With adult learners we use the Tailor Made+ method, so you can ‘live’ the English language through interaction with our volunteers in conversation, social events and fun activities. We invite all levels, and focus on conversational skills as well as reading and writing.


Entendemos que todos tenemos horarios distintos, por lo tanto, en EFTG te invitamos a nuestras clases de lunes a miércoles, en al mañana, 9:15am, y por la tarde noche a las 7:00pm.  Con los adultos usamos el método Tailor Made+, donde puedes vivir el idioma inglés a través de la interacción con nuestros voluntarios en conversaciones, eventos sociales y actividades recreativas.  Invitamos a todos los niveles,  a enfocarse en las habilidades conversacionales y lecto escrituras.

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Our other projects

Mujeres trabajadoras de Paposo

English Summer Fun Monte Patria

Our summer camp in Tulahuén (Montepatria) takes place in January each year.  However this year (2021), we spread our “SUMMER FUN” to many other communities such as: Monte Patria, Rapel, Chañaral Alto, Carén, el Palqui, Villa el Palqui and of course Tulahuén.

NOTE: According to our strict health protocol against COVID-19, the number of students attending our activites has been reduced.

Nuestro campamento de verano en Tulahuén (Monte Patria) se lleva a cabo en enero de cada año.  Sin emabrgo este año (2021) expandimos los “SUMMER FUN” a otras comunidades, tales como: Monte Patria, Rapel, Chañaral Alto, Carén, el Palqui, Villa el Palqui y obviamente Tulahuén.

NOTA: De acuerdo a los estrictos protocolos sanitarios por el COVID-19, es que el número de participantes se ha reducido,

Our team


Word on the street

The town of Taltal is a beautiful hidden gem just waiting to be discovered and I feel so blessed to have spent a number of weeks sharing my days with Hector, his team and the enthusiastic EFTG students. The level of English taught here is extremely impressive and it was a true honour to be a part of it. Arrive to Taltal as a stranger, and leave as a friend.

Katie Hogan Volunteer, Ireland

Hector is one of the most enthusiastic and kind people you will ever meet. Not only does he put so much commitment into making the school fun and a great learning experience, he also makes sure that his volunteers are well looked after and get the full experience. Our time at EFTG was fantastic! 

Nathan Smith Volunteer, England

It’s important to learn and speak English as it opens a lot of doors and here at EFTG, it’s like we are a group of friends all learning together.

Jose Student, EFTG

EFTG and all its teachers are wonderful. The school helps me to learn English so I can travel and find good work

Jamie EFTG Student

I spent a month volunteering with EFTG where sharing experiences, meeting new people and having a lot of fun was a typical part of my day. A wonderful experience, and will return one day.

Fabien Perronnet Volunteer, France

Volunteering with EFTG was one of the highlights of my South American trip. The people are amazing, the work is very fulfilling and the social life is great fun. Thank you to Hector, the students and the team.

Luke Gibney Volunteer, Ireland

The volunteer position as a teacher for EFTG gave me a sense of adventure. Thanks to Cristian, Karina, Rebeka, and Hector for providing both physical and mental comfort as well as many unforgettable memories. For that I am forever grateful.

Joel Hubert Volunteer, USA

Our Ethos

To teach English to the people of Taltal and Monte Patria and welcome students from all walks of life, ranging from children, teenagers to adults. The ultimate goal is to assist in education, social and environment projects to help the community to develop and grow.

We aim to increase the skills of young professionals and help reduce economic and social gaps. By doing this, we strive to improve employer-employee relationships; harmonising their skills and abilities. Our overall goal is to improve the level of communication, to facilitate growth and generate business opportunities for everyone.

  • English is a right, not a privilege
  • Our youth is our future
  • We have the power to change the world
  • We all have the ability to excceed our expectations


Our Students

We welcome students who want to begin learning English, or those who wish to put their current knowledge into practice, in addition to developing it. We recognize those who require a second language for employment opportunities; to provide the necessary tools to effectively communicate through the universal language: English.

Our students vary from children and young people to workers who wish to go beyond learning the basic subjects taught at school and who believe it is necessary to add to their mother tongue, expand their knowledge by learning
another language.

Futhermore, we prepare our students who want to obtain an internationally recognized certificate albeit KET, PET, FLAYER, IELTS, TOIC, MICHIGAN to name but a few.

Our Partners