Katie Hogan

The town of Taltal is a beautiful hidden gem just waiting to be discovered and I feel so blessed to have spent a number of weeks sharing my days with Hector, his team and the enthusiastic EFTG students. The level of English taught here is extremely impressive and it was a true honour to be a part of it. Arrive to Taltal as a stranger, and leave as a friend.

Nathan Smith

Hector is one of the most enthusiastic and kind people you will ever meet. Not only does he put so much commitment into making the school fun and a great learning experience, he also makes sure that his volunteers are well looked after and get the full experience. Our time at EFTG was fantastic! 


It’s important to learn and speak English as it opens a lot of doors and here at EFTG, it’s like we are a group of friends all learning together.


EFTG and all its teachers are wonderful. The school helps me to learn English so I can travel and find good work

Fabien Perronnet

I spent a month volunteering with EFTG where sharing experiences, meeting new people and having a lot of fun was a typical part of my day. A wonderful experience, and will return one day.

Luke Gibney

Volunteering with EFTG was one of the highlights of my South American trip. The people are amazing, the work is very fulfilling and the social life is great fun. Thank you to Hector, the students and the team.

Joel Hubert

The volunteer position as a teacher for EFTG gave me a sense of adventure. Thanks to Cristian, Karina, Rebeka, and Hector for providing both physical and mental comfort as well as many unforgettable memories. For that I am forever grateful.